Goal: Support 25 cities to adopt environmental surveillance as a tool for public health preparedness in India by 2025.

1. Harnessing the Collective for Health Preparedness

Bringing diverse stakeholders together to align, build on and amplify the message of environmental surveillance for health preparedness and equity.

2. Respecting and Leveraging Diversity

Work with mutual respect and leveraging the diversity that exists within this network in terms of people, organisations and areas of work, to make a stronger impact.

3. Building Trusted Partnerships

The Alliance seeks to build partnerships based on shared values, led by trust in each other and the network.

4. Driven by Curiosity

Members approach our collective work with an intellectual curiosity that is grounded in improving foundational health outcomes for all.

5. Self-Directed Participation

While the network seeks to engender a spirit of collaboration and partnership, participation is voluntary and self-initiated out of a sense of collective purpose.

6. Sharing with Attribution

Sharing knowledge, connections and research to leverage our collective resources more effectively, while attributing the contributors of resources.

7. Acknowledging the Alliance

Acknowledging the Alliance with attribution in shared endeavours.

8. Ethical & Responsible Data Practices

The use of research findings and data will happen only with consent, and within data privacy norms, while respecting and recognition of uthorship and contribution.